All of our cracking and grinding mills are suitable for the stripping and crushing of soybean, cotton-seed and sunflower seed by oil pressing factories. Under the differential-speed shearing of double-geared roller, soybean, cotton-seed and sunflower seed will be correctly stripped and crushed into some certain granularity effects, meet the requirements on oil-bearing seed granularity before finishing oilseed pressing process, and improve the protein content and oil production rate. 
 Main strong points 
A.     Adopt automatic feeding control device to ensure the safe operation of machines; 
B.     Dual-oar material balancing and feeding to ensure the even output of machines;
C.     Powerful orientation magnet could protect crush roller and decortication roller;
D.     Quick adjusting device of crush roller gap;
E.     The machines are equipped with automatic tensioning device of transmission rubber belting; 
F.     Centralized oleosol supply, and quick and convenient machine maintenance; 
Shear and crush oil-bearing crops in a compound way, and thus reach the optimal flaking granularity;
Synchronous toothed rubber belt drive could realize correct transfer of number of revolution of machines;
Drive machine with single motor is more convenient for operation. 

规格 Specification
外形尺寸(mm)Overall dimension (mm)
整机重量(T)Weight of complete machine (T)
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