1. Ferrell-Ross Company, established in 1869, is a world leading company concentrating on research and manufacture of oil equipment, with the headquarters set up in Bluffton, Indiana, America. As one of the global biggest and most successful equipment production, research and development companies integrating the upstream and downstream, Ferrell-Ross has developed businesses in about 200 countries and regions across the world through its associated companies and branch organs, and owns several dozens of top-ranking engineering and academic talents and scientists in oil industry. 

2. Ferrell-Ross Mechanical Equipment Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd. is the general agent of American Ferrell-Ross in Asia and Russia Regions; mainly takes charge of assembling and selling various types of related oil processing equipment such as cracking mill, desquamating mill, flaking mill and expansion machine, etc.; and undertakes the design and reconstruction engineering of oil processing and feedstuff  processing projects. 

3. All the products, fittings and technologies provided by Ferrell-Ross Mechanical Equipment Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd. are from America Ferrell-Ross Research & Development Center; with measures adjusted to local conditions, the Company provides users from Asia and Russia with the most comprehensive, most timely and most humanistic technical guidance and after-sales tracking services, so as to meet their actual demands.